C.A.C.L. Office
28 Rowsley Road
East Sussex BN20 7XS

Tel: 01323 730467

Email: info@caclsports.co.uk

"We would like to thank you for all the time and coaching you have given Josh over the last ten years. He has enjoyed the football camps and has a vast collection of medals and certificates to adorn his bedroom!"

C.A.C.L. Saturday Morning Footbal (term time)


What you can Expect

C.A.C.L. Saturday morning football training sessions are held in the excellent facilities of Brighton University, Denton Road, Eastbourne.  We have use of the Sports Hall and the outdoor astro-turf.  

Our training sessions are designed for boys and girls of all abilities from the age of 4-12. We split our children into five groups (dependent on age and ability) to ensure they are sufficiently challenged and they enjoy themselves. 

The session lasts one hour and, within each session, all children will participate in a ball skill warm up; a skill based drill; a conditioned game that reemphasises the drill and a free play game to finish. We encourage ball skills and ball mastery from the youngest group to the oldest and this is evident in every session. Overall, enjoyment is the absolute key to our sessions and our team of coaches work extremely hard to ensure every session has a fun element incorporated into it. We are sensitive to the needs of each child, we aim to build confidence and love to see children's enjoyment playing without the worries of making mistakes.  

At C.A.C.L. we do not have teams, we are not a club, but we focus on skills for footballers to transfer if they decide to join a club.  This allows us to improve players of all abilities and ensure all children participate fully during the session. We are not affiliated with any local clubs but a large number of our children play for local club sides and some of our C.A.C.L.  graduates have go onto represent clubs, counties and even the country!


"Thank you for organising such a wonderful gym club."