Our story

40 years of coaching in the community

It all started in 1981

In 1981 we started running Gym and Football holiday courses with just a handful of children, in a small field in Meads in Eastbourne. Over 40 years later, we're just as passionate today about helping children progress through sporting activities as were when we first started out. We now coach over 500 children a week and also run popular Football and Gym holiday camps throughout the year. For over four decades we've been incredibly proud to be part of the local sporting community.

The early days to where we are now...

After starting off in Meads school field we moved onto Ocklynge School to hold weekly gym classes and used various venues for our sports camps. As demand grew it became necessary to find our own premises, so when St Elisabeth’s Hall (pictured) on Victoria Drive became available, we took it upon ourselves to transform the hall into a sporting venue. With much invention, hard work and trekking across England to pick up equipment, C.A.C.L. Gym Club established itself as one of the best in the area, winning a number of competitions and becoming National Champions in various categories of the British Sports Acro Championships.

In 2001, the club moved to The University of Brighton, Eastbourne, where we are today, providing excellent facilities for weekly gymnastics and football sessions.

Looking back...

Our very first sports camp in 1981 held at St Andrew's Prep field with guest, coach and British Gymnast, Suzanne Dando.

Our football camp at the Saffron's. Children with coaches Mark Pinch and Chris Putland.

Our gymnasts at our first indoor venue, Ocklynge School.

Our boys became Sussex champions

We would like to thank you for all the time and coaching you have given Josh over the last ten years. He has enjoyed the football camps and has a vast collection of medals and certificates to adorn his bedroom!

Thank you! Scott has had the MOST super week! You are brilliant!

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